Antoine Félix Bürcher
Born in 1999, he currently works and lives in Zurich. Since graduating from HEAD, (Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design, Geneva — BFA 2022), his work has been shown at various occasions in the local, national, international, experimental and institutional scene.

The work of Antoine Félix Bürcher is interdisciplinary, conceptual and materializes through sculpture, in-situ installations, texts, video, and performance.
 He imagines a non-linear aesthetic of time through the experience of matter, collaborating with it in a symbiotic relationship of expression.
In Félix’s work, the body is a global sparkle in a movement between inside and outside. Through his artistic practice, he seeks to deconstruct this inside-outside dichotomy by working on the movement between the two and by considering this movement itself as a fluid space to experience.

In 2020, he co-founded the online off-space His work has been displayed in several group and solo exhibitions in Switzerland and Europe: BIG Biennale (Geneva) with One Gee in Fog, B74 Raum für Kunst (Lucern), Mock Jungle (Bologna), Danuser & Ramirez gallery (London), OnCurating (Zurich), Cabaret Voltaire (Zurich), Plattform23 at Espace Arlaud (Lausanne).